7+ Best Ohuhu Anniversary Worthy Purchases

To celebrate Ohuhu's 8th anniversary this June, I've created a list of their best (and my favorite) anniversary-worthy products.

From vibrant markers to versatile sketchbooks, Ohuhu has consistently delivered quality tools that inspire creativity and elevate artistic expression.

Top Anniversary Worthy Ohuhu Purchases

1. Honolulu Alcohol Markers

The Ohuhu Honolulu markers are available in 320 colors along with a colorless blender to create a wide range of hues and effects. Each marker can be bought individually or in a set. 

I found the vast color selection to be particularly impressive, as it covers all hues and tones thoroughly.

Vibrant and Consistent Ink

One of the standout features of these markers, in my experience, is their vibrancy. The caps accurately represent the ink color, and the ink is even more vibrant than other brands I've tried. The consistent ink flow is impressive, allowing me to color tiny details precisely without bleeding and quickly cover large areas without the marker feeling dry or leaving streaks.

Versatile Tip Configurations

You can choose between 2 configurations: a brush and a chisel nib (Honolulu) or a brush and a fine tip (Honolulu B). My personal favorite is the brush and chisel tip combination. 

The brush tip is perfect for blending colors and creating soft gradients. It's also great for drawing details by applying light pressure and coloring larger areas quickly by applying more pressure. I find the brush nib easy to control, and it allows for a high degree of precision in my work.

The chisel tip, while not always necessary, is handy for drawing precise, straight lines more easily. The fine point is also excellent for fine and precise details, making these markers versatile for different drawing needs.

Seamless Blending & Quick Drying

In my experience, the Honolulu markers excel in blending, a quality I expect from high-quality alcohol-based markers. On thicker paper, I can create smooth color transitions effortlessly. However, on thinner paper, blending can be a bit more challenging.

When coloring, the ink soaks quickly into the paper, preventing smudge marks and keeping my drawing clean. Additionally, I appreciate how evenly these markers color, as they don't leave uneven patches when covering larger areas.

Convenient Design & Portable

I find these Honolulu markers very comfortable to hold, even for long periods, as they fit well in my hand and are a bit thicker than most other markers I've tried.

These markers have color-coded caps that make it easy to find the right shade quickly, and the markers come in a handy carrying case, making them perfect for artists on the go. 

The caps are easy to remove and replace, which I found convenient during long drawing sessions. Plus, you can store the cap on the other end of the marker, which is a thoughtful design feature.

Perfect for All Sorts of Drawing Styles

I find alcohol markers like these to be a great medium for various drawing styles. Personally, I enjoy creating realistic drawings with them. They are also great for anime-style drawings and doodling. Here are some marker drawing ideas to get you inspired. 

The consistent ink flow allows me to work on detailed pieces without worrying about bleeding, and the markers color very evenly, making them ideal for large areas without uneven patches.

You do however need a paper that works well with these markers. Using thicker paper can help achieve the best blending results and prevent any bleed-through.

Quality & Safety

These markers feel very well-built and durable, with a design that prevents them from rolling off the table. Each marker is clearly labeled with color names and numbers on the caps, though not on the barrel itself.

The packaging is effective for protecting the markers during shipping and storage. It’s convenient for carrying the markers around. The sets come with empty color swatches you can fill in, and a plastic pad to lay under your paper to prevent the ink from staining your desk.

Ohuhu markers also conform to ASTM D-4236 standards, ensuring they are safe to use and high-quality. Ohuhu also offers replacement tips to maintain consistent line quality over time and the markers are refillable, making them a more environment-friendly choice compared to other brands.

2. Maui Water Based Markers

Just like the alcohol-based Honolulu markers, these Maui water-based markers are available with a brush and a fine tip. The fine tip with a width of 0.4mm is great for detailed work and linework while the brush tip is great for coloring larger areas and calligraphy.

These markers come in 160 different colors and are good for lots of drawing styles. They're great for calligraphy, doodling, realism, etc.

High-Quality Ink 

The ink is acid-free, highly pigmented, and water-based, ensuring your artwork lasts longer. Plus, it’s non-toxic, making it safe for both adults and children.

No Bleed-Through 

These markers are designed to prevent ink from bleeding through paper, so you can color and create without ruining the next pages. The ink also dries quickly making them mostly smudge-resistant.

Color-Coded Caps

Quickly find the marker you need with color-coded caps, which also help prevent the tips from drying out. However, the caps don't have a color name or code on them making it a little more difficult to find specific colors.

As with most marker brands, not all caps match the ink color perfectly. That's why I always recommend swatching each color first to see their true colors.

Packaging Feedback

The Maui markers have the best packaging I have ever seen on markers like these. It looks good, it's sturdy, and it's excellent for keeping them neatly stored.

If you'd like to see a more in-depth review, check out this video.

3. Acrylic Marker Pens

The Ohuhu Acrylic Marker Pens are available in a set of 40 vibrant colors perfect for DIY projects. They feature a versatile fine tip for diverse line expressions and come with 10 bonus replacement tips for long-lasting use.

Perfect for DIY Projects

These paint markers are great for various DIY projects. Unlike the previous 2 markers, these are suited for drawing on glass, wood, and lots of other surfaces. You can even use them to decorate mugs and then bake them in the oven to make your drawing permanent.


These markers are safe and non-toxic, making them suitable for artists of all ages.

Fast Drying

Their fast-drying nature prevents smudging, ensuring crisp and vivid colors in every artwork.

4. Bamboo Marker Organizer

The Ohuhu Bamboo Marker Organizer is a robust and eco-friendly solution designed to bring order to your creative space, plus it also looks really good in my opinion.

It has 126 slots and 18 compartments that make it easy to store and organize your markers by color.

Great Quality and Design

The Ohuhu Bamboo Marker Organizer is not only durable, it also boasts a sleek design. It’s easy to clean, ensuring longevity and reliability.

It's sturdy and easily integrates into your workspace. I really like it!

5. Spiral Bound Alcohol Marker Paper

This Spiral Bound Alcohol Marker Pad is specifically designed for alcohol markers and has a thickness of 120lb (200gsm).

It’s acid-free and has easy-tear pages, with a total of 60 sheets.

High-Quality Paper

This 120lb (200gsm) heavyweight alcohol marker paper has a smooth surface that prevents bleeding, smudging, and feathering.

Using heavyweight paper like this makes blending alcohol markers easier and you'll achieve more solid and streakless colors.

Convenient Design

The spiral-bound design allows for easy flipping of pages, and the perforated edges make tearing out pages a breeze.

Multiple Sizes

This paper is available in multiple sizes ranging from 8.9"x8.3" to 16.5"x11.7". The smaller sizes are perfect for traveling while the larger sizes are great for more sophisticated drawings.

6. Calligraphy Pens

The Ohuhu calligraphy pen set includes a diverse range of 10 nibs, catering to various preferences and artistic needs. 

This set is perfect for calligraphy enthusiasts. You can achieve fine details with 0.45mm and 0.75mm nibs to broader strokes with 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm chisel nibs, and more expressive brushwork with XS, S, M, L, and Brush nibs.

High-Quality Black Ink

Experience the deep, rich blackness of Ohuhu’s pigment black ink. It dries quickly, preventing smudging, and it does not bleed through paper.

A Perfect Allround Set of Pens

The set features both soft and hard nibs, allowing for a variety of lettering and drawing techniques. Adjust the pressure to create ultra-fine, fine, or medium strokes with ease. 

Whether you’re into handwriting, cardmaking, drawing, or calligraphy, these pens offer the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

7. Oil Paint Set

This Ohuhu Oil Paint Set includes a wide array of 36 colors from Titanium White to Ivory Black, ensuring you have the freedom to express yourself fully.

Safety and Quality

The paints are safe, non-toxic, and conform to ASTM D-4236 & EN71-3 (CE) standards, making them suitable for artists of all ages.

High Pigment Content

Each tube contains 12 mL (0.4 oz) of pigmented paint that offers a smooth application and vibrant color payoff on canvas.

This Ohuhu oil paint set is a great set to get started with.

8. Spiral-Bound Mix Media Paper Pad

If you like using mixed media like I do, this Ohuhu Spiral-Bound Mixed Media Paper is a great choice for you.

Paper Quality

This pad features 60 sheets of 120lb (200gsm) acid-free heavyweight drawing papers, ensuring durability and a delicate surface that prevents bleeding, smudging, and feathering.


The surface of this paper is smooth with a little bit of grain. This is a great balance between smoothness and texture to suit all different wet and dry media like alcohol markers, colored pencils, inks, charcoal, etc.

Multiple Size Options

The spiral-bound format allows for easy page-turning and tearing, with multiple size options ranging from 8.5"x6" to 11.6"x9.6" to suit different preferences. 

The smaller sizes are great for artists on the go who like to create quick drawings and the larger sizes are perfect for more sophisticated creations.

Recommended Ohuhu Product Combinations

1. Honolulu Markers + Bamboo Marker Organizer + Spiral-Bound Alcohol Marker Paper Pad

This Ohuhu alcohol marker essentials bundle combines the popular Ohuhu Honolulu Markers with practical storage and quality marker paper. 

Alcohol markers offer versatility and ease of use, ideal for various artistic applications. 

The Ohuhu Spiral-Bound Alcohol Marker Paper ensures minimal bleeding, allowing for precise and vibrant creations. 

And the bamboo marker organizer keeps supplies within reach, enhancing workspace organization and aesthetics.

2. Maui Water Based Markers + Spiral-Bound Mix Media Paper Pad

This Maui water-based marker and mix media paper pad duo offers artists a versatile toolkit for their creative endeavors. 

The Maui Water Based Markers provide a diverse palette of colors suitable for a range of artistic styles, while their water-based formulation offers smooth application and vibrant colors. 

Paired with the Spiral-Bound Mixed Media Paper Pad, artists can explore various techniques with confidence, thanks to its sturdy paper stock and spiral-bound design, which allows for effortless flipping and tear-free removal of pages. Ideal for artists seeking a reliable combination for their mixed media projects.

3. Calligraphy Pens + Spiral-Bound Alcohol Marker Paper Pad

Pairing Calligraphy Pens with a Spiral-Bound Mix Media Paper Pad provides artists with a versatile platform for exploring the art of calligraphy.

The precision and elegance of Calligraphy Pens are beautifully complemented by the smooth surface of the alcohol marker paper pad, providing an ideal canvas for creating intricate letterforms with ease. 

The durable spiral-bound design ensures convenient use, making it a must-have combination for both beginners and seasoned calligraphers looking to elevate their craft.

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