Alcohol Marker Reviews

The Rolls Royce of Alcohol Markers - Copic Sketch Review

When I wanted to make a realistic drawing of an acid green Zenvo TS1 GT I couldn't find the right colors I needed in the Promarker color chart, so I looked further until I found these Copic Sketch markers. And I'm glad I did, because these markers are the best markers I've ever used, but also the most expensive.

My Go-To Markers - Winsor & Newton Promarker (Brush) Review

The Winsor & Newton Promarkers where the first alcohol based markers I used. And to this day they are still my go to markers. Winsor & Newton Promarkers are great markers for coloring larger areas and blending. They are available in 2 configurations: a bullet nib and a chisel nib (Promarker) and a brush nib and a chisel nib (Promarker Brush). The color selection lacks some really dark colors, but other than that there are many colors to choose from.

Graph'it Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker review - They're really nice

A few years back I wanted a darker grey than the Promarker CG5, which is the darkest grey Promarker and the darkest grey I had. As Copics were quite a bit out of my budget I decided to try the Graph'it markers. I decided to buy some greys and a black and I have to say they quite surprised me.

Slightly Disappointing - Spectrum Noir Illustrator Review

The Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers are great for drawing lots of details. There are lots of colors to choose from. You can draw very detailed with both the bullet nib and the brush nib. However coloring larger areas can be a bit tricky as the markers feel kinda dry all the time. That's why I would say these markers are best for smaller drawings or drawing with lots of details.

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