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Sometimes it can be very difficult to think of something to draw. That has definitely happened to me plenty of times. And what helped me a lot when struggling to think of something to draw is to look at the art other people have made. It's always so inspiring. So to help you find something to draw I've made a list of marker drawing ideas. With lots of photos of course!

What to Draw with Markers?

1. Mushrooms

Image by @jaryray via Instagram

I love mushrooms and now that it's fall again they pop up everywhere. They all look different. Some look really weird, some grow with 100 at a time, some look like clear silicone, some look like licorice, some look just normal but they start to decay into black goo. And the names some of the mushrooms have are hilarious: Bleeding tooth, turkey tial, devil's finger.

Image by @psyjennya via Instagram

2. Sea creatures

Image by @clashtomized via Instagram

Sea creatures are such unique animals. So far down in the ocean, they develop weird features like the one above. They come in so many shapes and colors, friendly looking or looking like demons, looking absolutely hideous or beautiful, and so on.

3. A flower

Image by @gillzybeanart via Instagram

Flowers, everyone draws them, but nonetheless they are still fun to draw and there are many beautiful flowers to pick from. Or just look in your garden and see which ones grow there.

Image by @alenarozova via Instagram

4. Pumpkins

Image by @loshakeratoalberto via Instagram

I know, I'm a little late with this one, but it's still fall and why not extend Halloween a bit?... Pumpkins can sometimes grow so weirdly or just amazingly perfect. and the vertical lines they have make them actually quite interesting to draw I think. They give them some depth instead of being one flat color.

Image by @psyjennya via Instagram

5. Fruit

Image by @mashasofrik via Instagram

Again one that many people seem to draw and paint. But markers are actually a great tool to quickly sketch and draw fruit, especially the once with an uneven, speckly peel like apples and peaces.

Image by @mashasofrik via Instagram

6. Movie characters

Image by @mjb.illust via Instagram

There are probably some movies you're really passionate about. That's a great inspiration source for drawings. You can draw the characters in that movie or whole movie scenes if you like. By drawing something like this you share a bit of yourself, what you like and of course people who like the same characters and movies will like your fan art.

Image by @designeranaraujo via Instagram

7. Doodles

Image by @vexx via Instagram

A high school friend of mine introduced me to Vexx about 5 years ago I think. I had never heard of him, but the doodle art he makes is so beautiful and you can look at it for hours and still see new things. And markers are a great medium for drawings like these.

Image by @vexx via Instagram

8. Graffiti art

Image by @francesco_bassoo via Instagram

I occasionally like a bit of graffiti art. It's so different from every other art form, but maybe a little related to doodling. It does look a little difficult but when done right it also does look really good.

9. House/architecture

Image by @mchl.grphc via Instagram

Architecture and the designs of houses are something I really like. I always look at houses when driving past them, looking for what would be my dream house. And big towers like the Burj Khalifa are like big art pieces. You can look endlessly at them.

Image by @mchl.grphc via Instagram
Image by @profiart_romania via Instagram

10. Anime characters

Image by @saorimarinne via Instagram

When I started watching anime series I came across many artists who made fan art of those shows like Baku No Hero Academia and Sword Art Online. I started making drawings of those characters myself too, because I wanted to try something different at that time. I really liked it, but I haven't made an anime drawing in over 3 years maybe.

11. Celebrity pop art

Image by @marije_hendriks19 via Instagram

A friend of mine is really into pop art and music. She makes these amazing drawings of singers and other artists. They look so colorful and dynamic. The colors aren't very realistic, nor is the drawing style, but it does have some felling of realism when you look at her drawings.

Image by @marije_hendriks19 via Instagram

12. Watches

Image by @inkdial via Instagram

I'm not much of a watch person myself, but I do love some product drawings from time to time. Watches can be so intricate and complicated looking and the shine of the metal looks really nice. Watches are a great subject to draw if you want to learn how to draw shiny metal or when you want to draw something very detailed and precise.

13. Supercars

Now this is one I love! This is a true masterpiece! /j. But I do really like drawing cars, especially supercars like this one. If you hadn't guessed yet I made this drawing/sketch as a study for a commission. It took me about an hour to sketch and draw it. With markers, you can draw very quickly as you can cover a lot of surface area in a short amount of time. I definitely should make more drawings like this one. I really like how it turned out.

14. Spacecrafts

Image by @jaryray via Instagram

Wow! Just wow! When I saw this on Instagram I immediately knew I needed to include this in this list. I really like space and looking at starts and stuff, but spacecrafts look so good too! I really need to draw one. I actually have an image of a SpaceX rocket launching saved. Maybe I should draw that.

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I really love the effort and dedication you put in your blogs, They’re full of inspiration! You’re blogs are very useful for us as artists. Keep it up, you’re doing a really great job! Lots of love from Sweden🙏❤️

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