How to Draw a Christmas Tree | Step-by-Step Xmas Tree Drawing Guide

Welcome to a festive journey where your creativity will shine as bright as the holiday lights! In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, I'll show you how I made this drawing of a simple Christmas tree.

With simple techniques and a sprinkle of holiday cheer, you'll learn how to create a tree that radiates the warmth and joy of the season. So gather your art supplies and let's make your sketchbook merry and bright with your very own hand-drawn Christmas tree!

Art Supplies I Used for this Drawing

You can use any drawing supplies for this drawing, but I used Winsor & Newton Promarkers (they are really nice to draw things like this). I used the colors Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 5, Lime Green, Forest Green, Holly, Sunflower, Raw Sienna, Cacao, Lipstick Red, Crimson, Cyan, and True Blue.

I also used a Pigma Micron fineliner and a white Posca PC-3M for highlights.

I made this drawing in a sketchbook I had, but the paper made the ink bleed a loooot. I usually use Canson Illustration Manga paper, which is in my opinion the best paper for alcohol marker drawings.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree?

Step 1: Sketch the Basic Shape

I started off by drawing the basic shape of the Christmas tree: a triangle that a bit taller than it is wide and a base for the trunk.

Step 2: Add Branches and a Trunk

Next, I refined the shape to make it look more like a Xmas tree. I sketched a star on the top and I sketched in each of the branch layers. I used curvy and irregular lines to draw the branches to make them look more organic.

I also refined the tree trunk a bit more and I added some round shapes to the bottom to break the shape up a bit.

Step 3: Sketch the Decorations

After that, I added all the Christmas decorations: ornaments, lights, and eh that's it.

I started by marking where each ornament would be by sketching circles of slightly different sizes. For each ornament, I drew a tiny square shape on top to indicate the part with which you hang it in the tree.

Then I drew the Christmas lights by sketching a few curved lines wrapping around the tree. After that, I sketched where each light would be by drawing small circles evenly spaced out.

I also added some grassy stuff at the base of the tree to make it look more solid.

Step 4: Outline your Sketch

Next up I outlined the whole sketch with a fineliner and when the ink was dry I erased the sketch lines.

Step 5: Color the Star and the Lights

It's now time to add some color! I started by coloring the star at the top of the tree and the lights. I first used Sunflower. Then I used Raw Sienna to shade the bottom of the star and to color the wire holding the lights.

Step 6: Color the Ornaments

After that, I colored each ornament. I colored 4 of the 7 baubles with Lipstick Red, and I colored the other 3 Cyan. Next, I added some shading to the bottom right side of each bauble. I used Crimson for the red ones and True Blue for the blue ones.

Step 7: Color the Tree Trunk

Next, I drew the tree trunk. I colored the tree skirt using Warm Grey 2 and I colored the trunk itself with Cacao.

After that, I shaded the trunk with Warm Grey 5. I also colored the ball shapes around the trunk with cacao and warm grey 5.

Step 8: Color the Branches

Now it's time for the tree branches. I started by coloring the top of the tree with Lime Green (I later colored this with forest green as it looked too light...) and I also colored some of the grassy bits at the bottom with it.

Then I colored the rest of the tree and the grass with Forest Green.

And finally I shaded the bottom of each branch layer and the bit just below it with Holly. I also added some shading to the grass bits at the bottom.

Step 9: Add a Few Highlights

Your Christmas tree drawing is almost done now. Just a few finishing touches to do.

To make the lights look like they emit light I used the white Posca pen to add highlights to each light. I also added highlights to the top left of each Christmas ornament. And to make the grass a bit more dynamic I also added a few highlights in there.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I also added a white highlight to the top side of the star.

And that's it! You've now successfully (hopefully) drawn your very own Christmas tree!

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