Alcohol Marker Paper

Blend Alcohol Markers with Ease on this Paper - Canson Illustration Bristol Review

A few years back I read somewhere that it was way easier to blend alcohol markers on thicker paper as opposed to the thin marker paper I was using at the time. I decided I wanted to try Canson Bristol paper as that was the only other marker paper they had at the store I always bought my art supplies. Drawing with alcohol markers was on this paper a lot easier and it became my go to drawing paper for a long time.

The Best Alcohol Marker Paper - Canson Illustration Manga Review

When I tried this paper I instantly noticed how even the colors looked when drawing with alcohol markers. I didn't need to hurry to prevent harsh lines and streaks. The ink just flows effortlessly through the paper with a more even finish than I ever thought was possible.

Top 3 Best Paper for Alcohol Markers in 2024

Having good marker paper is one of the most important things for making great art with alcohol markers. Every paper has different properties that make the alcohol markers behave differently. I made a list of the best paper for alcohol markers and it's properties, like blending, vibrancy bleeding, so you don't have to try all brands to find which one is best for your needs.

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