The Best Alcohol Marker Paper - Canson Illustration Manga Review

canson illustration paper and car drawing of a green aston martin dbs superleggera made with colored pencils and alcohol markers on canson illustration paper - canson illustration manga review

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Review of: Canson Illustration Manga paper


Definitely one of the most expensive papers I've tried


Smooth but also slightly grainy


really nice and thick


Really good

What I like

  • Makes the ink of alcohol markers look warm and saturated
  • Really easy blending
  • Easily color without streaks or spots
  • Doesn't bleed through the paper unless you apply ink very heavily
  • Also suitable for blending colored pencils with solvent

What I don't like

  • Only 12 sheets per pad
  • A little expensive

Summary: Canson Illustration paper is a really good brand of paper when you love drawing anime characters with alcohol markers as you get the most even and solid colors with this paper. blending is also really easy with this paper as it's quite thick.

Apart from markers, this paper is also really good for softer colored pencils like the Prismacolor Premier colored pencils.

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My experience with the Canson Illustration paper

The perfect paper for alcohol markers

When I tried this paper I instantly noticed how even the colors looked when drawing with alcohol markers. I didn't need to hurry to prevent harsh lines and streaks. The ink just flows effortlessly through the paper with a more even finish than I ever thought was possible.

This paper also made it so easy to blend colors. You don't need to layer a lot as you do with thinner paper, you just go over the edge between the 2 colors you want to blend with the lighter marker and it just blends. It really can be that easy.

Really good paper for softer wax-based colored pencils

As the paper is slightly textured and not fully smooth you can use soft, wax-based colored pencils on the Canson Illustration paper. As this paper is quite smooth you don't need to fill in as much of the grain and in my experience, it's easier to blend colors.

Harder oil-based colored pencils like the Polychromos don't work as well as they need a bit more texture to give off their pigment.

Good when using solvent to blend colored pencils

If you like using solvent to blend your colored pencils or you want to try it out, this paper is really good for that. It's kind of a mix between bristol and watercolor paper making it suitable for wet media and you have the benefit of not having a lot of grain/texture.


Overall score:





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