7 Ways to Organize Your Markers | Alcohol Marker Storage Ideas

In the world of creativity, where markers become the vibrant bridge between imagination and canvas, their storage often remains an overlooked aspect. 

Dive into this article to discover innovative and organized marker storage ideas that not only preserve the longevity of your favorite tools but also inspire and enhance your artistic journey.

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How Can You Organize Your Markers?

1. Loghot Marker Storage Organizer

The Loghot Storage Organizer is a great way to easily organize your alcohol markers.

With the removable dividers, you can make the slots as big or as small as you want. Depending on the size, you can have 120 or 240 slots, which is plenty to store all your markers.

2. Hexagonal Colored Pencil Holder

Image by Ginger Cook Live on Pinterest

When researching storage ideas for colored pencils I came across this hexagonal organizer on Pinterest. However, this is also a beautiful way to store your markers.

This organizer is made of cut tubes of PVC pipes glued together in a hexagonal pattern, with some wooden brackets.

I might actually give this a try and make one myself.

3. Cut Tubes of a Drainpipe Glued Together

A few years ago, my sister introduced me to a brilliant DIY hack: a marker organizer crafted from drainage pipes. It's not just unique but incredibly practical.

To create this organizer, you'll need:

  1. A drainage pipe (or more, depending on the number of markers you have)
  2. A hot glue gun
  3. Optional: Paint (if you'd like to personalize its look)

I chose to keep it grey, but feel free to get creative with colors if you wish! I've been relying on this system for years, and it's proven to be very handy. 

The best part? If you accumulate more markers over time, simply attach another cut section of the drainpipe.

4. Ohuhu Bamboo Marker Organizer

The Ohuhu Bamboo Marker Organizer is a practical and stylish solution for storing up to 126 markers. 

Its natural bamboo construction is corrosion-proof and easy to clean, ensuring durability. The organizer requires no assembly, and its 18 compartments help keep your markers organized and easily accessible. 

It's a compact yet capacious choice for keeping your workspace tidy and your markers at the ready.

5. BTSKY Art Marker Organizer

Keep your markers organized and easily accessible with the BTSKY Art Marker Organizer. With 60 individual slots, it can hold plenty of alcohol markers.

The case is made of durable canvas with a zip closure, ensuring your markers are securely stored. The organizer is also designed with removable double-sided sleeves, each holding 15 markers. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a portable choice for artists on the go.

Ideal as a gift or a practical tool for organizing your precious collection.

6. X-Shaped Wooden Marker Organizer

Image via pinimg.com

An elegant and functional addition to any workspace, this wooden marker organizer boasts a unique X-shaped design. Its tiered shelves offer ample space to display a vibrant array of markers, sorted by color or type, for easy access. 

The natural wooden aesthetic provides a touch of rustic charm, effortlessly blending with various interior decors. 

Positioned on a desk or crafting table, it not only declutters but also adds an artistic flair to the space. 

A perfect solution for those seeking a blend of style and practicality in their marker storage.

7. ArtBin Storage Container

Organize your markers and brushes effortlessly with the ArtBin Storage Satchel. Designed with a translucent polypropylene plastic case, it showcases 64 compartments, ensuring each marker has its own spot. 

The satchel is not only clear for easy identification of contents but also boasts a snap-tight closure and locking trays for secure transport.

This portable case is a blend of functionality and style for artists on the go.

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