24 Amazing Realistic Colored Pencil Drawing Ideas

a drawing of a green and orange frog on a rolled up leaf
Image via Pinterest

With the simple tools of colored pencils and paper, artists have brought to life a world that dances between reality and imagination. 

From the intricate details of a cat's fur to the chilling beauty of a skull encrusted with amethyst, these works celebrate both the mundane and the extraordinary. Each realistic drawing idea has captivated my heart in its own unique way, and I hope they'll inspire the same admiration in you.

And if you're interested in creating realistic drawings? You'll find the top 5 best colored pencils for that in this article I made.

1. A Squirrel

Realistic colored pencils drawing of a squirrel in a tree branch with a brown colored blurry background
Image by DS via Pinterest

I'm fascinated by the realistic drawing of the squirrel in the tree. The blurry background focuses all attention on the squirrel, making it come alive on the page. This piece makes me feel like I'm standing right there in nature, watching the squirrel up close.

2. A Still Life of a Pomegranate

realistic colored pencil drawing of a moody still life with pomegranate
By @natalievdark on Instagram (source)

The pomegranate in this drawing looks so real and luscious, it makes me want to reach out and taste it. I love how the dark background makes the colors pop, showing the beauty in something as simple as a piece of fruit.

3. A Squished Fanta Can

realistic colored pencil drawing of a squished fanta orange can
Image by Ridhi via Pinterest

I admire the squished Fanta can drawing for its extraordinary detail. It takes a discarded object and turns it into something captivating. I'm amazed by how the artist can transform something ordinary into an interesting piece of art.

4. Half a Coconut

realistic colored pencil drawing of a coconut with sharp edges
Image by Marcello Barenghi via Pinterest

The coconut in this piece is so lifelike; I can almost smell its tropical scent. The edge where it broke off looks incredibly real, and I'm impressed by the artist's ability to capture such fine details. It reminds me of the beauty in everyday things.

5. A Close-Up of an Eye

realistic colored pencil drawing of an eye
Image by Xander via Pinterest

I'm drawn to this close-up drawing of an eye, with every lash and iris detail meticulously captured. It's incredible how something we see every day can be made to look so unique and special. It makes me think about how complex and beautiful eyes are.

6. A Porsche 911 GT3 RS

realistic colored pencil drawing of a porsche 911 gt3 rs in lizard green
By @samiesocal on Instagram (source)

The bright green Porsche in this drawing feels like it's ready to speed off the page! I love the dynamic energy and the sleek lines that make it look so elegant and fast. It reminds me of the excitement and freedom that cars can represent.

7. A Portrait of a Cat

realistic colored pencil drawing of a brown cat looking away
Image by Kit Gray via Pinterest

I'm in love with this portrait of a cat. The detailed fur and the expressive eyes make it feel like it's almost purring on the page. It's a piece that resonates with me as a cat lover, capturing the beauty and personality of these graceful creatures.

8. A Frog

realistic colored pencil drawing of a green and orange frog
Image via Pinterest

This frog with orange feet and eyes on a leaf in this drawing is bursting with color and life. I enjoy the whimsical nature of the subject and the artist's skill in rendering it so vividly. It makes me appreciate the wonderful variety in nature.

9. A Wasp

realistic colored pencil drawing of a wasp
Image by Marcello Barenghi via Pinterest

This wasp, devoid of a background, is both exquisite and unsettling in its realism. The meticulous detail in the wings, body, and antennae gives it an almost scientific illustration quality. You admire the raw honesty of the drawing, showcasing the beauty in something often considered fearsome.

10. A Cherry Still Life

Realistic colored pencil drawing of a cherry dipped in chocolate
Image by Dietrich Moravec via Pinterest

The cherry dipped in molten chocolate in this piece is a feast for the eyes. From the shiny chocolate to the juicy red cherry, it looks good enough to eat. I love this drawing because it's both indulgent and a reminder of how even simple pleasures can be artistically inspiring.

11. A Fried Egg

Very realistic colored pencil drawing of a fright egg
Image by Marcello Barenghi via Pinterest

I'm in awe of this fried egg drawing on grey-toned paper. The stark contrast between the egg white and the background makes it look incredibly real. It's like the artist has managed to capture a simple breakfast moment in time and it reminds me of cozy Sunday mornings.

12. A Skull with Amethyst Crystals

realistic colored pencil drawing of a skull with amathyst shards growing out of it
Image by adbettley via Pinterest

There's something mesmerizing about this skull with amethyst crystals growing on it. It's a fascinating blend of life and death, natural and supernatural. The details in the crystals' structure are breathtaking, and I love how they seem to breathe new life into the skull.

13. A Rose Painted White

realistic colored pencil drawing of a rose fully dipped in white paint and still dripping
Image by Minnie Small via Pinterest

I'm captivated by the unique image of a rose drenched in white paint. It's a creative twist on traditional floral art, and the contrast between the natural rose and artificial paint is fascinating. It shows how even the beauty of a rose can take on a different, more modern aesthetic.

14. A Tiger Swimming in Water

realistic colored pencil drawing of a tiger swimming in water and looking towards the viewer
Image by Alena Angelava via Pinterest

I'm immediately drawn to the intense gaze of the tiger in this artwork. The unique image of the majestic beast pacing through water creates a striking blend of raw power and elegant grace. As if aware of my presence, the tiger's eyes meet mine, bridging a gap between viewer and subject, adding a level of intimacy to the scene. It's a depiction that increases my admiration for these majestic creatures, beautifully portraying their might, while also hinting at their inherent grace, even in challenging environments.

15. A Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Realistic colored pencil car drawing of a lamborghini aventador svj in purple magenta
@luukminkman on Instagram (source)

This Lamborghini Aventador SVJ I drew in striking Viola SE30 is one of my personal favorites. I spent a lot of time capturing the sleek lines and reflecting lights on its surface. It reminds me of the thrill and satisfaction I get from replicating the beauty of such a powerful machine.

16. A Close-Up of a Dragon Eye

realistic colored pencil drawing of an orange dragon eye
Image by bajan_art via Pinterest

I love the close-up drawing of a dragon's eye. Even though it's not a real creature, the level of detail in the orange eye makes it seem like it could be. It's a fun challenge to bring an imaginary creature to life, and I think it's important to embrace the fantasy in art.

17.  Bunch of Grapes

realistic colored pencil drawing of a bunch of red grapes on grey toned paper
Image by homestethics via Pinterest

The bunch of red grapes in this drawing look juicy enough to pluck off the page. Each grape is so distinct and detailed, and I love how the light reflects off their round surfaces. It's a wonderful reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

18. A Chameleon

realistic colored pencil drawing of a multicolored chameleon
Image by Morgan Davidson via Pinterest

This vibrant chameleon caught my attention right away. It's a delightful explosion of colors, and the way the artist has captured its shifting hues is simply mesmerizing. I'm drawn to it because it's a celebration of color and life.

19. Orange Butterflies

realistic colored pencil drawing of two slightly different orange butterflies
Image by Phoebe Atkey via Pinterest

The two orange butterflies in this drawing are a charming duo. One has grey accents that make it stand out, and the detail in their wings is remarkable. Butterflies symbolize transformation and I love how they represent hope and change in this picture.

20. A Portrait of Morgan Freeman

realistic colored pencil drawing of a portrait of morgan freeman
Image by Nestor Canavarro via Pinterest

I'm amazed by the detailed portrait of Morgan Freeman. Every wrinkle and freckle is captured with striking realism, making it feel as if he's right there. This drawing reminds me of the power of art to bring us closer to people we admire.

21. A Lighthouse at a Rocky Shore

realistic colored pencil drawing of as lighthouse at a rocky shore with storm clouds aproaching
Image by My Modern Met via Pinterest

I'm captivated by the tranquil scene of the lighthouse on a rocky shore. The artist has beautifully rendered the rugged cliffs, the majestic lighthouse, and the sky full of fluffy clouds. It feels like I could hear the crash of the waves and taste the salty sea air. It's a picture that fills me with a sense of calm and peace.

22. A Glass of Whisky

realistic colored pencil drawing of pouring whisky into a glass with ice cubes
Image by DannyHouse via Pinterest

This glass of whiskey with ice cubes being filled up looks so real; I can almost smell the rich, warm scent of the whiskey. I appreciate the precision it took to capture the transparency of the glass, the chill of the ice cubes, and the flow of the liquid. It's a testament to the artist's skills and my own enjoyment of life's finer pleasures.

23. A Ladybug

realistic colored pencil drawing of a ladybug with droplets on its back
Image by Sallyann via Pinterest

I'm charmed by the drawing of the ladybug with water droplets on its back. It looks so delicate and fragile, almost as if a single breeze could carry it away. The water droplets add a fresh element, making the ladybug glisten as if it's just been caught in a gentle rain. It's a lovely reminder of the small wonders in nature.

24. An Iguana

realistic colored pencil drawing of a iguana on a tree branch looking at the viewer
Image by A.Hirata via Pinterest

This incredibly detailed iguana drawing feels like it's about to crawl off the page. The textures on its skin and the tree branch where it sits are so vivid and lifelike. It's like I'm having a face-to-face encounter with this amazing creature in the wild. It's a perfect example of how art can bring us closer to the natural world.

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