17 Easy Things to Draw with Colored Pencils

Image by Marcello Barenghi via Pinterest

Every budding artist reaches a point where they're eager to put pen to paper but are unsure of where to begin. 

Whether you've just picked up your first sketchbook or are experiencing a temporary creative block, this list is for you. 

Discover 17 simple yet captivating drawing ideas tailor-made for beginners, guiding you on a delightful journey from simple sketches to more intricate artworks. Dive in and let your creativity flow!

What Simple Things Can You Draw with Colored Pencils?

1. A Soap Bubble

Image by Felecia Heesen via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Drawing a soap bubble is one of my favorite beginner-friendly ideas. Why? 

Well, firstly, it's quite simple to capture its essence. With its translucent nature and the dreamy rainbow swirls, it has an almost magical vibe to it. 

And here's a fun tip: if you're working on black or grey toned paper, it creates a mesmerizing contrast! 

One of the best things about drawing soap bubbles is that you don't need to delve into complicated color schemes. A light touch with some pale shades, and voilà! You've got yourself a realistic looking bubble. Plus, it's a quick little project - no need to spend hours on intricate details. 

So next time you're looking for a quick drawing idea, give a soap bubble a whirl. It's easy, fun, and effortlessly enchanting!

2. Candy

Image by Gail via Pinterest

Whenever I think of something delightful and playful to sketch, candies instantly pop into my mind. Lollipops, with their vibrant swirls and shiny texture, are not just fun to eat, but they're also a blast to draw! 

They're basically a simple circle on a stick, but the real joy is in adding those whimsical colors and swirls that make each lollipop unique.

Image by @x.i-draw-a-lot.x via Pinterest

And then there's the candy bear - who can resist those cute little gummy bears? 

These squishy treats come in a rainbow of colors and have this lovely translucent quality. What's great about drawing them is their simplicity. Their form is straightforward, but it's the play of light and the subtle transparency that brings them to life on paper. 

So, if you're in the mood for a sweet treat without the calories, grab your sketchbook and dive into the colorful world of candies. They're quick, they're easy, and they bring a sprinkle of joy to anyone who sees your art!

3. A Candle

Image by Ami via Pinterest

There's something truly mesmerizing about the warm glow of a candle. Drawing one offers a great opportunity to play with contrasts - the stark difference between the candle's light and the surrounding darkness. 

You don't need any complex techniques; just a keen observation of how light and shadow interplay. So, if you're searching for a serene and straightforward subject that still manages to captivate, a candle should definitely be on your list.

4. A Mushroom

Image by @jessy_draws_forever via Pinterest

Nature has its share of intriguing subjects, and mushrooms are definitely among the top for beginner artists. They come in so many shapes and sizes, from the classic umbrella-shaped caps to the more unusual and whimsical forms. 

While they already look amazing in their natural brown or white hues, giving them vibrant, fantastical colors can make them look even better. 

You know what's the part? Even if you stray away from realism, mushrooms still look impressive and intricate. Their organic forms give you the freedom to experiment and create something truly unique.

5. Movie Characters

Image by Those Pencil Shavings via Pinterest
Image via Instagram

Ah, the world of animation! Animated movie characters are a treasure trove of inspiration. 

Most of them are designed with simple shapes and clear lines, making them perfect for beginners. 

The lack of complicated details means you can quickly capture the essence of the character without getting bogged down in minutiae. 

So, if you're a movie buff or just love the charm of animated characters, bring out your sketchbook during your next movie marathon and give this idea a shot!

6. A Jellyfish

Image by Cami Dionisi via Pinterest

The beauty of drawing jellyfish lies in their ethereal and almost otherworldly presence. Floating gracefully in the water, they're like nature's own ballerinas. 

Their undulating tentacles and bell-like bodies offer a fantastic exercise in drawing flowing, organic shapes.  

The best thing? You can't really mess up a jellyfish. Their form is fluid and varied, so each drawing, even if not perfect, brings out a unique beauty.

7. A Gemstone

Image by Marcello Barenghi via Pinterest

Sparkling, multifaceted gemstones are not just a girl's best friend but an artist's too! 

Drawing these shiny treasures provides a delightful challenge in capturing light and reflections. 

The trick lies in observing how light interacts with the different facets of the gemstone. 

Even though it sounds a bit technical, once you get the hang of it, sketching gemstones can be incredibly therapeutic. 

And the end result? A stunning, gleaming piece of art that's sure to catch anyone's eye.

8. A Light Bulb

Image by BensDrawings via Pinterest

Something as mundane as a light bulb might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of drawing subjects, but hear me out! 

A light bulb is a beautiful blend of simplicity and intricacy. The outer glass is smooth and easy to sketch, but the real fun begins when you delve into the inner filament and base details. 

Drawing on grey-toned paper brings out the translucence of the bulb remarkably well. 

And if you want to take it a notch higher, play with light reflections and make that bulb 'shine' on paper. 

It's a quirky yet rewarding subject that's bound to light up your artistic journey!

9. A Cup of Coffee

Image by emmaaa. via Pinterest

There's something truly comforting about a warm cup of coffee, and capturing that essence on paper can be equally soothing. 

Those tiny bubbles or perhaps a little swirl of milk in the center can add layers to your drawing, making it look as tempting as a real cup. 

Plus, playing with light reflections on the liquid's surface can give your artwork a realistic touch. 

If you're a coffee lover unlike me, illustrating your favorite brew is not just fun, it's also a homage to your daily pick-me-up.

10. Fruit

Image by Arteza via Pinterest
Image by Fartn via Pinterest

Fruits, with their vibrant colors and varied textures, are a treat to draw. From the smooth surface of an apple to the dimpled texture of an orange, each fruit provides a unique drawing experience.

This is a great exercise for creating depth by using light and shadow, making the fruit appear three-dimensional on a flat piece of paper. 

Whether you're sketching a bunch of grapes or a solitary apple, remember to capture the nuances that make each fruit distinctive. 

And the best part? Once you're done drawing, you have a delicious snack waiting for you!

11. Colorful Animals

Image by Shannon Mitchell via Pinterest

Drawing animals is always a delightful experience, but adding a splash of unexpected color makes it even more magical. 

Just look at this wolf above! While these colors aren't what we see in nature, they breathe a new life into your sketches, making them pop. 

I like to keep the details minimal, perhaps a hint of fur or a few scales, letting the colors be the star. 

This playful twist on regular animal sketches not only sparks creativity but also results in vibrant artwork that's bound to captivate and charm any viewer.

12. Flowers

Image by Kelly Lahar via Pinterest
Image by World in Color via Pinterest
Image by Valentina Gatewood via Pinterest

Flowers, nature's own works of art, offer endless inspiration for budding artists.

From the delicate petals of a rose to the striking symmetry of a sunflower, each flower has its own charm. 

The gradients and blending of colors from the center of the flower outwards make them look really nice in my opinion. 

And while getting the intricate details of a flower might seem daunting, the beauty is that there's no 'wrong' flower. Each one, with its unique imperfections and character, is a masterpiece in its own right.

13. Optical Illusions

Image by Jack Sparrow via Pinterest

Creating optical effects is like dabbling in a little bit of magic. 

Take, for instance, this drawing of a canyon. 

Starting with just two curly lines that converge into a point, and then shading in a gradient, you can create a captivating 3D effect. 

The magic lies in the play of light and shadow. The deeper parts of the canyon appear darker, while the higher regions catch the light, producing an optical illusion of depth on a flat surface. 

It's these kinds of drawings that often make viewers take a second look, trying to decipher the play of perception and reality. 

So, if you're looking to add a touch of wonder to your sketches, optical effects are the way to go!

14. A Night Scene

Image by Twism via Pinterest

Drawing a night scene on black paper is a game-changer. The dark backdrop immediately sets the mood, lending an air of mystery and serenity. 

What's brilliant about this technique is that the black paper does half the job for you; it takes away the need to fill in large areas with dark shades. Instead, you focus on the light, making those elements pop. 

If you've never tried drawing on black paper, I highly recommend it; the results can be truly breathtaking.

15. An Inverted Portrait

Image by Leonardo Griolani via Pinterest

Portraits have a unique way of capturing the essence of a person, and sketching one on black paper introduces a fresh, dramatic twist.

The dark background serves to accentuate features illuminated by light, giving the portrait a moody and mysterious aura. 

The key is to hold back, to not overdo it. It's about suggesting features more than detailing them fully, allowing the viewer's eye to fill in the gaps. 

This approach not only adds an artistic flair to your portraits but also makes the process more forgiving for beginners.

16. Glass Objects

Image via Pinterest

Drawing transparent objects like those made of glass offers a delightful challenge. The allure lies in capturing the play of light, reflections, and the distortions seen through the glass. 

Whether it's a wine glass with its sleek curvature or a mason jar with its rustic charm, the nuances in depicting transparency and reflectivity are intriguing. 

When I draw glass objects, I pay close attention to the highlights and the darker refracted areas, giving the illusion of transparency. 

Achieving this might require a bit of patience, but the satisfaction of making an object appear see-through on paper is unmatched.

Image via Pinterest

17. Anatomy

Image by Vale Urrutia via Pinterest

Anatomy sketches, like a realistic heart, can be both educational and artistically fulfilling. 

With the deep, midnight hue of the paper serving as a backdrop, the intricate details of the heart's chambers, arteries, and veins are highlighted beautifully when drawn with white or light-colored mediums. 

Every curve, every ventricle stands out vividly, almost giving the heart a luminescent quality. 

This artwork isn't just a reflection of our vital anatomy but also serves as a poignant representation of the very essence of life against the vast expanse of the unknown.

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