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11+ inspiring things to draw with pencils (with photos) | Pencil Drawing Ideas

If you've already googled drawing ideas you probably came across sites that only listed some ideas... When I'm looking for drawing ideas I want to see photos! Photo's are way more inspiring when it comes to looking for drawing ideas. So I made you a list of inspiring drawing ideas with plenty of photos!

9 easy pencil drawing techniques to improve your art

Drawing with a pencil is one of the most basic forms of creating art. It doesn't require much to start with, just a pencil and a piece of paper. Yet it is also one of the intricate and sophisticated art styles. Pencils have no limits to what you can do with them and there are countless techniques to use. You can make the most extremely detailed or amazingly realistic drawings or just doodle a bit and make fun shapes. It might seem overwhelming at first but once you've learned the basics you can improve your art dramatically. By learning just a few basic techniques you can instantly improve your work resulting in drawings with more depth, richer values and an overall more creative appearance. In this article you will learn 9 pencil drawing techniques to achieve this. So continue reading if you want to become a better artist.

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