How to Draw a BMW M4: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Stunning Purple Masterpiece

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In this week's car drawing tutorial, I'm going to show you step-by-step how I drew this beautiful purple BMW M4.

A purple BMW M4 has been on my list for soooo long! I finally decided to draw one and OMG it turned out so well!

Here's exactly how I made it! Explained as simple and straightforward as possible.

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Drawing Supplies I Used in this Tutorial

To draw the BMW M4, I used the following art supplies:

  • A graphite pencil, a ruler, a kneaded eraser, and a regular eraser;
  • Winsor & Newton Promarkers in the colors Ice Grey 1 (IG1), Ice Grey 2 (IG2), Ice Grey 4 (IG4), Ice Grey 7 (IG7), Blue Black (XBB), Black (XB), Lavender (V518), Amethyst (V626), and Aubergine (V524);

Reference Photos I Used to Draw this BMW M4

To make this drawing, I used 2 reference photos. 1 for the proportions and the perspective and 1 for the lighting and the reflections.

I used this photo for the perspective.

And I used this photo for the reflections.

How to Draw a Realistic BMW M4?

To make a realistic drawing of a BMW M4, I first gathered a few reference photos for the perspective, proportions, lighting, reflections, and color.

After that, I created a sketch of the outline of the car using the grid method.

Next, I color the car with alcohol markers starting with the black and the grey parts, before moving on to the main body of the car.

Lastly, I added some details with colored pencils and highlights with a Posca paint marker.

Step 1:  Sketch the Basic Outline of the BMW M4

Sketching cars like the BMW M4 can be quite difficult and daunting, at least if you're trying to freehand it.

But there are other techniques you can use to sketch the car like the grid method for example which is the technique I'll be using in this tutorial. This technique makes sketching cars with accurate proportions a lot easier. You can find more on how to use this technique here.

I start by overlaying a grid over the reference photo for the perspective that I resized to A4 size. The grid I'm using for this drawing is 15 by 10.5 squares with squares of 2 by 2 cm which works well for A4-sized paper.

Once I'm done with that I recreate that same grid on my piece of paper.

Now it's time to start sketching.

I like to sketch the general outline of the car first. This makes it easier to add in all the details later.

I usually start on the left and work my way up and around the car until I have sketched the full outline and the basic shapes of the BMW M4.

It's important to make sure the shape of the car is as accurate as possible, otherwise your drawing won't look realistic in the end.

Step 2: Sketch the Details of the BMW M4

Now that the basic shape of the car is done, it's time to sketch all the details of the BMW M4.

This might seem like a big step, but with the basic shapes already in place it's just a case of slowly adding detail after detail to the shapes that you've already sketched.

I started adding details on the front first. Next, I added the body lines on the hood and on the side. Then I sketched the windshield and the headlights. And so on.

I haven't sketched the wheels yet as I wanted to explain how I sketched them in more detail.

Take your time.

A good sketch is way easier to color in than a sketch made in a hurry.

How to draw a bmw m4 easy

Step 3: Sketch the Wheels of the BMW M4

All that's left to sketch now are the wheels. And they aren't the easiest ones...

I had already marked where the center of the wheel is when adding the details as well as the outer rim of the wheel. The center of the wheel is closer to the left side of the wheel as we're viewing the wheel from an angle and the center is a bit inset into the wheel.

I started sketching the wheel by marking where each of the spokes attaches to the outer rim. I also sketched a smaller circle around the center of the wheel. The center is also closer to the left of this circle as it's inset into the wheel a bit.

Next, I marked 10 short lines on the smaller circle we just sketched.

After that, I sketched the spokes connecting the short lines to the outer rim.

Next, I sketched 5 short lines starting from the center each pointing to one of the lines on the small circle we sketched before.

Then, I sketched 2 diagonal lines from each end of those short lines and connected them to an end of a line on the smaller circle.

After that, I sketched in the last bits of the spokes. These bits start at the ends of short lines on the smaller circle that do not have a line attached to them yet and attach to the center of the longest lines within the smaller circle.

And that's all spokes sketched! I hope it was somewhat understandable...

The wheels aren't done yet though.

I added some depth to the spokes by adding a line to the left of each spoke. I also added more rim lines and the brake disc.

The most difficult part of the BMW M4 drawing is now done.

Step 4: Color All Pure Black Parts of the BMW M4

Now it's finally time to start coloring the BMW.

But before you actually color any part of the car, you will need to erase that part of your sketch first until you can only barely see it. This helps prevent the sketch from sketch and grid lines from showing through the ink of the markers.

To make the coloring process easier I like to start by coloring all pure black parts first with the Black Promarker.

Step 5: Color the Wheels of the BMW M4

Next up it's time to color the wheels. Yes, coloring the wheels is a lot easier than sketching them.

I first used Ice Grey 4 to color the lightest parts.

After that, I used Ice Grey 7 to color the darker parts and add some depth to the lighter parts. And to make the tire look smooth I went over the edge of the IG4 and 7 with Ice Grey 4 and blended the 2 colors together.

Step 6: Color the Front Grills and Splitter of the BMW M4

Next, I colored the grey and black bits on the front of the car which include the front splitter, the grills, and the canards.

I first colored the lightest parts with Ice Grey 2. These parts are mostly on the far left and a small bit more to the right.

Next, I used Ice Grey 7 to color the rest. I also colored the logo with Ice Grey 2.

Lastly, I used Blue Black to add some darker tones to the splitter and the canards.

Step 7: Color the Side Skirt of the BMW M4

After that, I colored the side skirt.

I first colored the top edge with Ice Grey 4 and I colored the light reflection in the middle with Ice Grey 2. I also colored the right half of the air vent to the top right of the front wheel with IG2.

Then, I colored the rest with Ice Grey 7 and I added some darker tones with Blue Black.

I also colored the left half of the air vent next to the wheel with IG7.

Step 8: Color the Shadow of the BMW M4

Now it's time to color the shadow underneath the BMW M4.

I first colored the whole shadow with Ice Grey 1.

Next, I colored an edge of Ice Grey 4 between the light grey and the black.

Lastly, I blended all the shades of grey into a smooth gradient. I first blended the IG1 into the IG4 by going over the edge where the 2 colors meet with IG1. Next, I blended the IG4 into IG7 and I blended the IG7 into the black.

Step 9: Color the Headlights of the BMW M4

Next, I colored the headlights of the BMW M4.

I started by coloring the top half of both headlights with Ice Grey 1.

After that, I colored the bottom half with Ice Grey 2 and I added some reflections and details in the top half.

Lastly, I used Ice Grey 4 and 7 to add more depth and darker a few bits. I also used these markers to add a few reflections to the headlights.

Step 10: Color the Windshield and the Roof of the BMW M4

After that, I color the windshield and the roof of the BMW.

I started by coloring the roof and the left half of the windshield with Ice Grey 7. I colored the right half of the window with Ice Grey 2.

Next, I added some reflections and details. I layered more of the IG7 and Blue Black on the left side to add more details like the rearview mirror and I darkened the A-pillar. and on the right side, I used Blue Black to add some reflections.

Step 11: Color the Wing Mirror Arms and the Tail Light

Then, I colored the door mirror arms with Ice Grey 7 and I colored the taillight with Ice Grey 2 and 4.

Step 12: Color the Main Body of the BMW M4

Now that all grey and black parts are done, it's time to color the main body of the BMW M4.

For this drawing, I started by coloring the mid-toned parts first. And for that I used Amethyst.

After that, I colored the remaining parts with Lavender. I also colored the darker parts and for that I used Aubergine. And to finish it off, I added some Amethyst-colored reflections on the lightest parts.

Step 13: Add Details to your BMW M4 Drawing

The whole BMW M4 is fully colored now, but it's missing a lot of details. And that's what we're going to add in this step.

I used the White Derwent Coloursoft pencil to add some highlights and reflections all over the car, but mainly on panel edges and the headlights.

I used Dove Grey to refine the spokes of the wheels and to refine the headlights a bit more.

I used Black to add more depth to the headlights, add the panel gaps, and refine the wheels more.

And to color the BMW logo I used Electric Blue.

Step 14: Add White Highlights to Make your BMW M4 Drawing Come to Life

To make the drawing really come to life I added a few pure white highlights all over the car with my Posca PC-3M paint marker.

how to draw a bmw m4 step by step

And That's How I Draw Cars Like the BMW M4

It's done!! This drawing turned out so well! I hope yours did too!

I hope you found this helpful! If so, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share this tutorial with other people who might like it. It would help me out a lot!

And if you followed along with my tutorial and decide to share your drawing, please tag me on Instagram (@luukminkman). I'd love to see it!

Have a nice day!

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