Graph'it Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker review - They're really nice

graph'it marker review

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Review of: Graph'it Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker review


Good pricing compared to other brands


Good ink flow and easy and smooth coloring


They are really nice and comfortable to hold


Not at all streaky

What I like

  • Darkest black and greys
  • Really vibrant colors
  • Last longer than many other brands

What I don't like

  • Not many dark tones
  • Not refillable
  • Caps can sometimes be a bit hard to pull off

Summary: Graph'it markers are a great alternative to more expensive markers like Copics and Promarkers. With the 176 colors the colors selections contains almost any color you like. However it could do with some more dark tones.

With the Graph'it markers it is really easy to draw solid colors without leaving any streaks and the colors look very vibrant.

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A few years back I wanted a darker grey than the Promarker CG5, which is the darkest grey Promarker and the darkest grey I had. As Copics were quite a bit out of my budget I decided to try the Graph'it markers. I decided to buy some greys and a black and I have to say they quite surprised me.

My experience with the Graph'it markers

The design

graph'it marker design
To either side of the Graph'it logo is an icon showing which nib is where and on the right you can see a light grey line indicating the bullet side.

The Graph'it markers have a rounded triangular shape which is really comfortable to hold. The markers have nice thickness to hold, maybe a little to the bigger side. They also don't roll very easily as they are triangular.

To distinguish between the bullet and the chisel nib there are 2 icons on the barrel showing which nib is on which side. The bullet nib also has a grey outline just below the cap.

Speaking of the caps, they can be very hard to pull off and to push on sometimes. And sometimes they are so stuck that you pull the whole nib holder from the barrel... But I've noticed that if you twist the cap instead of pulling it off it's way easier and you don't pull the marker apart.

The nibs

graph'it marker nibs
The bullet nib is on top and the chisel nib on the bottom.

I find the nibs really nice especially when you've been using them for a while. The nibs become softer as you use the marker more. It does make it a bit more difficult to draw details, but I already use colored pencils to draw the details so that's not really a problem for me.

The softer nibs also have an advantage: they apply the ink way smoother and they sound a lot less scratchy when moving on the paper.


As I already said before, the Graph'it markers draw very smoothly and are very comfortable to hold. But they are also not at all streaky due to the great ink flow. This makes it really easy to draw big areas without it being uneven or streaky. You don't even need to rush that much to prevent streaks and uneven spots.

The colors

The Graph'it markers are available in 176 colors containing almost any color you like. I do find that there are not that many dark and really dark colors, with the exception of the greys of course.

The whole color selection is divided in different hues with a couple of shades for every hue meaning that you can easily find matching shades of the same color which I really like.

My favorite Graph'it marker has to be the black one. It is by far the darkest black alcohol based marker I've used. Most black markers are just very (or not very) dark grey, but this one is quite a lot darker than all others.

graph'it alcohol marker color chart
The Graph'it marker color chart. (source)


Overall score:





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