10 Art Supply Storage Ideas | Art Supply Organization

Embarking on a creative journey often comes with a delightful assortment of art supplies. However, keeping them organized can be a tad challenging. 

This is where ingenious art supply storage ideas step in, transforming clutter into a well-ordered haven of creativity. 

Let's dive into some of the stellar options that can harmonize your art space!

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1. Rotating Paint Brush Holder

When your creative juices are flowing, the last thing you want is to spend time rummaging through a pile of brushes. That's where the Rotating Paint Brush Holder steps in. This handy storage solution not only keeps your brushes organized but makes selecting the right brush a breeze with its rotating feature.

I highly recommend a rotating holder, especially for those with an abundant brush collection. In my studio, having one has been a game-changer. It houses all my brushes in one place, showcasing them upright for easy access and selection. The rotating base is a lifesaver, making it super easy to find the exact brush I need in a jiffy, without any hassle.

So, if you're looking to keep your brushes in tip-top shape while having them easily accessible, this Rotating Paint Brush Holder is a worthy addition to your art station.

2. Rolling Utility Cart

Tackling a creative project requires having all your tools within arm's reach. The Rolling Utility Cart is here to make that a breeze. With 3 tiers, 3 cups, and 4 hooks, there's a spot for every brush, paint tube, and sketchbook.

The sturdy stainless steel frame ensures it can handle your array of art supplies while the 360-degree swivel wheels make maneuvering it around your workspace a cinch. And when you find the perfect spot, the lockable wheels ensure it stays put.

Whether you're organizing your latest project materials or displaying your art supplies, this cart blends functionality with style. And the best part? Assembly is a snap with no extra tools required - a worthy addition to any artist's studio.

3. Wooden Drawer for Pencils, Pens, Brushes, etc.

Every artist knows the struggle of keeping pencils, pens, and brushes organized. The Wooden Drawer is your new best friend for tackling this age-old problem. With multiple compartments, it's a dream come true for those seeking to declutter their workspace.

Built with a compact design, it fits snugly on your desk, ensuring all your drawing and painting tools are within easy reach. The sleek wood finish isn't just sturdy; it adds a touch of elegance to your creative corner.

Easy to access yet capable of holding a variety of tools, this drawer is a simple, stylish, and effective solution to keeping your art supplies organized.

4. Storage Box with Removable Trays

Keeping every small item in place is an artist's day-to-day challenge. The Storage Box with Removable Trays is a game-changer with its 5 partition trays that can be adjusted to your liking, making organization a breeze.

Its 17-quart capacity, measuring 15.94"L * 11.61"W * 7.28"H, is perfect for hoarding all your arts and crafts supplies. The transparency of the box is a huge plus, allowing you to easily identify and grab what you need.

Made of high-quality, durable PP5 plastic, it's built to last. The clasp on the lid ensures a secure closure while making it portable and easy to carry around. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, this storage box is sure to keep your creative chaos neatly organized.

5. Paint Brush Roll-Up Case

For artists with a penchant for plein air painting, the Paint Brush Roll-Up Case is your go-to companion. It's designed to let you pack up your brushes and art supplies, and head out for an outdoor painting adventure without a hitch.

The case boasts elastic bands to securely hold your brushes, and a soft canvas flap to ensure they remain in pristine condition during your travels. With space to accommodate brushes up to 15.5" in length and 16 pockets, you can easily store 20+ brushes along with a zipper pocket for other essentials.

Not just functional, this case is a style statement too. Impress your peers with this sleek, USA-designed art supply bag that exudes professionalism and elegance. It's not merely a case; it's a nod to your dedication to the craft, making every painting excursion a delight.

6. Art Supply Tool Box

Embrace the classic with this multi-level traditional artist's toolbox designed for creative enthusiasts of all ages. It's a haven of organization with three levels of storage, including two top-level trays with multiple compartments, unveiling more space below in the main compartment.

The full-size removable drawer is a sweet spot for holding paints, pastels, brushes, and other art essentials. Crafted from solid Beechwood, its sturdy construction ensures your supplies remain secure whether you're at home, school, or the studio.

With a leather carry handle, transportation is a breeze. Measuring 14-1/4" Wide x 9-1/4" Deep x 5-7/8" Tall, it's compact yet spacious enough to house your beloved art supplies, making every creative session an organized affair.

7. Portable Easel with Drawers and a Palette

Unleash your creativity anywhere with this French easel style sketchbox. It's a marriage of elegance and functionality, transforming into a painting easel with an extra large storage box for your art supplies.

Adjust it to any incline angle to suit your needs, and it will graciously hold a canvas up to 24" high. The easel comes with a 12-inch wooden painter's palette, ready to cradle your color creations.

The two sliding storage drawers are perfect for organizing your paints, brushes, and other essentials, making it a companion for both impromptu and planned art sessions. Fold it into a compact box with a carry handle, and you're ready to chase inspiration wherever it leads.

8. Marker Storage Rack

Keeping your markers organized can often feel like a chore, but with the Marker Storage Rack, it's a breeze. Capable of holding up to 120 markers, this rack ensures your markers are always at your fingertips, sorted by color or type, ready for your next masterpiece.

Constructed from durable PVC foam board, this rack is designed to last while being lightweight enough to move around as needed. Its compact design is a space-saver, freeing up valuable desk or storage space in your workspace.

With a simple assembly process, you'll have your markers organized in no time. The rack measures 13.1"L × 5.1"W × 6.5"H, a perfect size to sit on your desk or shelf without being too bulky. Each slot is designed to fit most standard-sized markers, ensuring your collection remains organized and easily accessible.

9. Drawer Organizing Trays

Are your drawers a jumbled mess? The Drawer Organizing Trays are here to restore order. With a set of 25 bins in 4 different sizes, customize your drawer space to neatly store all your items, whether they are cosmetics, craft supplies, or office essentials.

These clear plastic trays allow you to see exactly what's inside, cutting down the time you'd spend rummaging. Plus, they come with 200 silicone pads to ensure a non-slip experience.

Stack them up when not in use, saving space and keeping things tidy. Easy to clean and versatile in use, these trays are a simple solution to a clutter-free workspace, making every drawer a haven of organization.

10. Expandable Kitchenware Organizer

While it's marketed for kitchenware, this Kitchenware Organizer is a gem for storing colored pencils.

Its adjustable compartments, which can be expanded from 10 to 15-inch width, make it a perfect fit for a variety of drawer sizes, hosting your colored pencils, paint brushes, and other art supplies with ease.

Crafted from premium bamboo, the organizer is not just durable but also a sleek addition to your art space. The smooth, burr-free construction ensures a safe storage solution, eliminating any worries of snagging or scratching your precious art tools.

The open design of the organizer provides a clear view of all your artistic tools, making selection swift and getting you right into the creative zone. This organizer is a testimony to how kitchenware storage solutions can be repurposed for art supplies, marrying functionality with a touch of elegance in your art studio.

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